Helping HEROES, one collar at a time.

HEROES not only deserve, but earned the BEST retirement possible. Retirement for our HEROES should be on U.S. soil, the very soil they risked their lives protecting.


The majority of  our CWDs (contract working dogs), sit in a kennel overseas until a rescue has finances to bring them home. These HEROES need medical attention, physical and mental stilumation, rehibilation, and slow integration into retirement life. This won't happen until we all pitch in. For more information about CWD and MWD HEROES, please click HERE.


Let There Be Collars wants to do our part to help HEROES, K9 and human, after retirement. We designed specific fabrics for the below organizations to assist them finanically. We donate $ 10.00 every time a collar is sold from one of these designs. Click on each organization to see the collars we designed for them.

Consumer Responsibility: As with ANY collar, leash or training tool. it is the responsibility of the dog owner to know how to use the items sold by Let There Be Collars. It is the dog owners responsibility to check, on a regular basis, for wear and tear on all products prior to use.  Contact: