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Click on the photo below to order a collar for your dog, or to sponsor a collar for Handsome Dan's Shelter Dog Enrichment Program. Sponsored collars will ship directly to HDR. Your name and email address will also be forwarded to HDR. 

Sponsored martingale collars are $ 15.00. All other collars are our regular price.

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Shelter Dog Enrichment Program

Long days of boredom can take their toll on even the most solid of dogs resulting in kennel stress. Handsome Dan’s Rescue’s Shelter Dog Enrichment Program pairs one of its volunteer Shelter Dog Enrichment Specialists with a dog in crisis at a local shelter. Each Saturday, Shelter Enrichment Specialists take their assigned dogs to Outbound Hounds Pits and Pals C.L.A.S.S. which is offered at no charge through a partnership between HDR and Outbound Hounds.

Every dog in the Program is evaluated individually and matched to a specific HDR Enrichment Specialist. An Enrichment Specialist treats their assigned shelter dog like their own until the dog’s forever home is found. An Enrichment Specialist spends hours of one-on-one time working with his or her dog; training basic skills, socializing, interacting in the play yards, and going for walks. After each visit, the dog returns to their kennel run with some sort of enrichment toy or treat; a Nylabone, stuffed Kong, marrow bone, puzzle toy, etc.

You can learn about Handsome Dan's Rescue HERE

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