Our Story

My name is Sunshine (aka Sunny). I was adopted August 2013. With the help of my forever mom, I started my own Facebook page. You can follow our pack at Ledgerwood Family. Mom volunteered her time helping shelters and rescues for several years before adopting me. My issues required all of mom's time, so her volunteer time ended. With no time on her hands, the only way to help dogs in need was to donate financially. She also wanted me to have amazing collars. In 2014, we started Let There Be Collars. 


Let There Be Collars donates a portion of sales to our rescue partners. Thru the years we have donated several thousands of dollars and collars to help dogs in need.

We not only make collars, we designed the FIRST ever break-away martingale collar. Since the original design, we have made two changes to the collars. You can get all the details HERE.  

We strive to be different from other collar makers. In 2017, we began designing our own fabrics, which are printed in the USA. In 2020, we started releasing some of our fabric designs under the name Designs From The Mountain. Several of our designs have been purchased nationally and internationally. This has been a huge success for us, and allows us to keep our prices from increasing. If you are interested in purchasing our designs you can find them HERE.

A few years ago, we relocated to the beautiful ski resort of Big Bear Lake, CA.  The mountains have been our inspiration to cherish every spare minute we have. In our spare time we hit the trails in our jeeps. Our jeep friends (jeeples) inspired us to design a line of jeep fabrics. All our jeep fabrics are available as collars or you can purchase the fabrics at the link above. 

If you have other questions about our pack, collars or fabric designing, please don't hesitate to contact us via email.


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Consumer Responsibility: As with ANY collar, leash or training tool. it is the responsibility of the dog owner to know how to use the items sold by Let There Be Collars. It is the dog owners responsibility to check, on a regular basis, for wear and tear on all products prior to use.  Contact: LetThereBeCollars@gmail.com