Frequently Asked Questions

How are your collars constructed and what are they made from?

Each collar is made from an inner core of heavyweight polypropylene, covered with a layer of fabric.  We reinforce every collar with extra stitching at all stress points. 

What are the specs on the webbing used?

Our heavyweight webbing is UV and water resistant, with a melting point of 330*. The static                breaking strength is listed below:

     1" wide breaking strength - 900 lbs

     1-1/2" wide breaking strength - 1050 lbs

     2" wide breaking strength - 1200 lbs

Which collar is recommended for tie-out use?

We do not recommend using collars for tie-outs, as this can snap D-rings and/or buckles.

Do you ship wold wide?

Yes, we ship world wide.

What type of warranty of you offer?

We warranty for our workmanship only. Collars are not warranted for excessive pulling, chewing or scratching. 

How should collars be cleaned?

Hand or machine wash in cold water, no bleach. If using a machine, place collar in a tied pillowcase or garment bag in mild detergent. Collars can be placed in the dryer on low heat. Collars will last longer if you lay flat to air dry.

How are orders processed?

Orders are processed in batches by color, not necessarily in the order we received them.

Are collars adjustable?

Yes, collars are adjustable approximately 2 inches up and 3 inches down.

What is your cancellation policy?

Orders may be cancelled within 7 business days, unless you requested a rush order. Rush orders may not be cancelled.

Do you have an extra charge to rush orders?

Due to the amount of orders we receive, we can't always accept rush orders. Please contact us if your collar is needed by a specific date. We will do our best to accommodate your request. We will let you know before you place your order if we can.

Do you design custom fabrics by request?

The majority of our fabrics are designed by us. If you have an idea, or want us to design a fabric for you, please contact us via email. We attempt to not purchase from national chains. There are times when certain fabrics catch our eye, so we will purchase fabrics online. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We do offer bulk discounts. Contact us with your wholesale inquiry. Please include the item(s) you are interested in and estimated quantity.

May I send you fabric to turn into a collar?

Please contact us via email with a picture of the fabric, and the type of fabric. We have different options available depending on the fabric.

How are orders shipped?

Orders are shipped via USPS.

What is your policy on undeliverable packages?

All undeliverable packages that require re-shipment are subject to shipping charges equal to the original shipping costs. Undeliverable packages include: unclaimed packages, refusal of packages, consumer negligence of wrong information or typing error. If consumer decide they don't want the collar, no refund will be issued due to collars being custom made.

Do you have any programs for rescues?

To be considered one of our rescue partners, please contact us via email. Include the following information: Rescue name, copy of 501c3 certificate, contact person, phone number, address, website, Facebook link, and dog breed you specialize in rescuing. 

Where are you located?

We are located in the amazing ski resort of Big Bear Lake, CA

How do I contact you?

We do all business via email or Facebook messaging.

If you have questions, or suggestions, please contact us.

Consumer Responsibility: As with ANY collar, leash or training tool. it is the responsibility of the dog owner to know how to use the items sold by Let There Be Collars. It is the dog owners responsibility to check, on a regular basis, for wear and tear on all products prior to use.